People of Determination

People of Determination: Any person who suffers from a total or partial physical sensory, mental, communicative, psychological and/or educational disability, whether permanent or temporarily, which hinders the mentioned individual from maintaining the basic needs that others may enjoy.

Target Groups:

  • Individuals: Any individual providing care and support to People of Determination, to develop their abilities in the best possible manner within their respective potential to become active members of the community. Such individuals can be classified as follows:

Special education teacher, specialised teacher, or specialist (psychologist, social counsellor, speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, and visual and auditory therapist).

  • Centres and/or Institutions: These are government, semi-government or private institutions specialised in providing care and educational services to People of Determination.

Conditions for nomination:  People of Determination Category- Individuals

  1. The teacher must hold a recognised and duly attested university degree (Bachelors, masters, Ph.D., Professional diploma after B.A) from their country where the attained degree is issued.
  2. The applicant must have spent three years or more in the field of teaching People of Determination and should still be holding the job at the time of applying for the Award.
  3. The applicant’s performance report during the last three years is rated ‘Excellent’.

Requirements for nomination in the People of Determination: Institutions and Centres category

  1. The Institution or Center should have been established at least three years prior to the nomination.
  2. The Institution or Centre should have previously contributed to the field of people of determination of all categories, and the local community should have benefited from its contribution.

Criteria for Differentiation and Distinction: Individuals category

  • Planning
  • Professional performance (work environment, strategy of work practice, educational and professional techniques)
  • Tools and techniques of assessment
  • Catering for people of determination
  • Professional development and transfer of knowledge
  • Communication with parents and the local community
  • Outputs and achievements
  • Education and sustainable development

Criteria for Differentiation and Distinction: Educational Institutions and centres Category

  1. Planning
  2. Administrative organization
  3. Assessment Tools and techniques
  4. Management of human and financial resources
  5. Empowering and Nurturing people of determination
    • Nurturing different categories of students and employees
    • Developing the capabilities of people of determination, both students and employees.
    • Improving the behaviour of employees and students
  6. Educational Strategies and Learning/ Work Environment
    • Teaching skills, methods, and techniques
    • Work environment
    • Activities and extracurricular activities
  7. Relationship with the local community
    • Interaction with parents
    • Co-operation between the Centre and the community
  8. Education and sustainable environment

Award Components

  • Khalifa Award for Education Trophy
  • Certificate of Excellence – Field and Category
  • Financial Prize



Prize – UAE

People of Determination


75,000 AED

Seventy-five thousand Emirati


Institutions and Centres

100,000 AED

One hundred thousand Emirati Dirhams