Educational Research

Educational research is considered as both a basic pillar and a substantial requirement for the development of performance in fields related to education, due to its importance and its impact on community development and growth in all vital areas.  Having research that focuses on the problems faced in the field of education is vital both to finding solutions based on academic fundamentals, and to serving decision-makers.  Research pertaining to educational fields may be analytical (historic and philosophical), descriptive (associated, developmental, survey studies, content analysis studies and case studies), causative or procedural, or it may relate to pilot and semi-pilot educational research or comparative studies. 

What is Educational Research?

Educational research follows the techniques and steps of organised scientific research, beginning with identifying the problem and ending with reading conclusions to answer all the questions or assumptions, resulting from the problem or such assumptions.  Recommendations and suggestions are then introduced, which, in the end, help in solving problems faced by individuals and organisations alike in the broad field of education. 

There are several areas intricately linked to issues of child literature that concern the local, Arab, and international social environments.

This could include studies of the effect of certain educational and treatment programmes of certain categories involving early stages of childhood.  Such categories may include people with special needs, gifted children, and those with behavioural problems. This is in addition to the design of educational programmes targeting parents and teachers to prepare them for dealing with the child. 

Target Categories

Individuals’ category: Employees of any educational institution, be it general, private, technical, or professional, such as teachers, university lecturers and educational experts. 

Institutions and Centres Category: Institutions that imply educational, pedagogical, vocational, and research-based education.

Conditions for nomination for the field of Educational Research in the UAE and the Arab World

  1. The Candidate shall provide an electronic copy of the research in PDF format. In case of winning, the candidate will provide the original copy of the winning research in (word) format.
  2. The nominee shall provide a copy of the brief of the research (Research Brief not exceeding five pages.)
  3. The educational research should be presented in the Arabic language. whether it has not been printed or has been written, printed, and published only in the year preceding the year of nomination to the Award.
  4. The submitted research under this category must not be less than (50) pages and must not exceed (200) pages excluding the cover page and references section.
  5. The research documentation should adhere to American Psychological Association (APA) style.
  6. The font used must be simplified Arabic, font size (14) and (1.0) line spacing.
  7. In the case of having, multiple researchers, application should be under teams option through the E- Candidature System and must be limited to two
  8. For an educational research to be nominated, it must satisfy the following criteria, the educational research must have NOT been submitted for purposes of acquiring an academic degree such as Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D. or an equivalent academic degree. NO Master’s or Ph. D dissertations, or equivalent papers shall be used in the research.
  9. The educational research is NOT prepared as part of an assignment requested for by the Candidate’s employer or any other authority or institutions and ministries.
  10. The Educational research must not be cleared for publication or published in a journal, a book nor a peer reviewed magazine or any website or e- platform on the internet.

Criteria for Differentiation and Distinction – Educational Research Category

  • The research theme and motives, its goals and significance.
  • Theoretical base and previous studies.
  • Research Methodology.
  • Research Findings.
  • Discussions.
  • Recommendations.
  • Language integrity and modernity of references.

Award Components

  • Khalifa Award for Education Trophy
  • Certificate of Excellence (field/ Category)
  • Financial Prize



Prize – UAE

Prize – Arab World

Educational Research

Educational Research

50,000 AED

Fifty thousand Emirati Dirhams

50,000 AED

Fifty thousand Emirati Dirhams