Sheikha Azza bint Abdullah Al Nuaimi

Social educational leadership Person works silently and trust time and achievements love for good and tender and looking for everything that is new and distinct. She started a career in the educational field and completed a long journey full of educational achievements for the student, teacher and the local community over twenty years, and then …

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Aisha Ali Al Ghais

Story series “Cloud Dima in Liwa, Butterfly of Happiness, How to Build Homeland, Candle and Pen, Bee Assoula and Arrogant Mosquito” Ministry of Education State of United Arab Emirates

Dr. Mohammad Ali Akherizi

School Leadership in the Republic of Singapore (Mechanisms, Practices and Utilization) Education Directorate in Al – Qunfudah Kingdome of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Sultan Al Jabri

Proposed program using the previous and acquired knowledge strategy in the development of grammatical concepts among secondary school students and their attitudes towards it in Madinah Madina Education Office Saudi Arabia