Who we are

Who we are?

The Khalifa Award for Education is an International Education Award founded in the United Arab Emirates. The Award is intended to enhance the educational sector within the UAE, and throughout the Arab world at large, by honouring the distinguished efforts of educators in the various fields of teaching and specialised education. The Khalifa Award for Education enjoys full-fledged financial and administrative status.

The Award is headquartered in the city of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, where meetings of the Board, Executive Committee and Arbitration Committees are held. Other branches of the Award may be opened in other UAE cities, by a decision from the Board of Trustees, and some of the Board’s and Executive Committee’s meetings may be transferred to any of these cities.


The Award aims to promote the educational field in the UAE and the Arab world through encouraging and motivating creative and outstanding individuals working in the field. This could be achieved through:

  • Honouring and appreciating educational and creative individuals working in the field of education

  • Enriching the field of education with educational research, innovative projects and educational programmes, and implementing them

  • Encouraging the linking of education with modern technologies, new media, environmental sustainability and serving society

  • Giving tribute to, and expressing appreciation for, those Emirati families that have made outstanding contributions in instilling the national identity in their children and supporting their academic performance.

  • Focusing on childhood behaviour, teachings and growth; and appreciating those working in the field of educating People of Determination.

  • Strengthening the linguistic identity of the UAE in the educational field as one of the components of national identity .

  • Encouraging promising talents in the field of Innovation so that they are qualified to achieve innovative content in the future .