How to submit documents required for e-Candidature

  • Requirements for e-Candidacy

    • The application must be filled in electronically by accepting the General Information and Special Conditions, after reading the relevant supporting documents on the Award’s website
    • All the requirements related to each field and category and falling within the special data of the form to be filled in by the Candidate and thereafter attached.
    • For individual Candidates, a recent 4cm x 6cm personal photo with white background shall be attached. For teams or establishments, a recent 4cm x 6cm personal photo with white background of each member of the team shall be attached, with the maximum number of team members not to exceed eight (8), including the team leader.
    • Each individual Candidate should attach his/ her Curriculum Vitae. Likewise, the CVs of each member of a team or establishment should be attached.
    • For Emirati Candidates, the candidate should attach a copy of each of her/ his passport copy, family book and ID card.
      • For expatriate Candidates, each should attach a copy of his or her valid passport, residence permit and ID card.
      • For teams or establishments: Each Emarati member on the team is to submit copies of each of their passport, family book and ID card. Accordingly, expatriates are to submit each a copy of the valid passport, residence permit and ID Card A copy of the last educational qualification, duly recognised, and attested by the issuing country, should be attached by each Candidate
    • Copy of the latest academic qualification attested from all concerned departments in the country of relevance.
    • Evidence and documents is to be limited to the last three (3) years only
    • For individual Candidates, both the Nomination Form and the Recommendation Letter must be downloaded from the website, filled in and attested by the Candidate’s establishment in his or her country of origin. Once duly attested, both documents should be uploaded to the box indicated on the website.  The Nomination and Recommendation Letters are compulsory for the approval of the nomination application in every field.
    • If the nominee for an Award is not from the same educational field of that Award, the nominee should submit a personal nomination letter, which in this case is a must for applying for nomination
    • The establishment or authority issuing and attesting the candidature and Recommendation Letter is held fully responsible for its validity and accuracy and shall be held liable towards the General Secretariat of the Khalifa Award for Education.
    • Participating in the Award should be in the name of the institution or its equivalent entity and not in the names of the management, administrative body or staff members.
    • Attachments and electronic supporting files should be organised as follows:
    • A number of attachments may be uploaded per each criterion, provided that each attachment is less than 100 MB.
    • For electronic documents, only PDF and JPG formats will be accepted. Likewise, an attachment should not exceed 100 MB.
    • The Candidate may create an Excel sheet or a Word file, save it as a PDF format document and then upload it to the website
    • For e-security reasons, no PowerPoint files or hyperlinks are permitted.
    • Large video files that cannot be reduced may be uploaded to YouTube, with the link of each file to be pasted separately, in the box provided on the Award’s application form link for the respective criterion.
    • NOTE: When uploading videos to YouTube, kindly change the status of the posted video to ‘unlisted’ to prevent incorporation in the same field and to ensure  that only those who are provided with the link and allowed to access the video can see it. In order to upload the files and attachments properly and avoid any problems, please note that:


    • To upload files and attachments easily, kindly consider the following:
    • Each large file or attachment needs time to upload, which will vary according to its size. Please upload each file or attachment separately in each field and save the application in order to start the uploading process.

    NOTE: the time needed for a file to upload varies according to the attachment’s size.

    • Once the file is successfully uploaded, the word ‘DOWNLOAD’ will appear next to the concerned field.
    • Consequently, you need to press ‘Modify the Application’, then upload the next file or attachment.
    • To ensure that the uploading process is smooth when uploading files, access to a high-speed Internet network is recommended.

    Fields at the Level of the United Arab Emirates

    • General Education
    • People of Determination
    • Innovation in Teaching Arabic Language Education and Community Service

    Fields at the Level of the UAE and the Arab Region

    • The Educational Personality of the Year
    • General Education (Creative Teacher Category)
    • Innovation in Teaching Arabic Language (Category of University Teacher)
    • Higher Education
    • Educational Researches
    • Child Literature Authorship
    • Innovative Educational Projects and Programs