General Insrtuctions

General Instructions

  • Applications are to be electronically filled up with agreement to the undertaking, which includes the general instructions, the documentation required for the electronic nomination and the special conditions after reviewing the relevant guidelines on the Award’s website.
  • All applications are to be submitted online at 3    Paper or project to be submitted in either the Arabic or English language.
  • In the field of Educational Research, it is a must that:
    • the research material must not have been prepared as part of acquiring a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree or equivalent.
    • the research should not have been instructed by an official administration, such as a university, research centre, institute or ministry.
    • The research should not have been previously published, whether in a book or a refereed journal. Such research should not even include content from other Master’s, PhD dissertations or equivalent work in the research submitted for the Award
  • Should an educational project or programme win, the Award’s General Secretariat shall have the right to circulate it to all relevant authorities under the name of the General Secretariat and the winner of the award.
  • Winners of previous editions of the Khalifa Award for Education award may apply again after two (2) years in any field except that in which they have previously won the Award.
  • Nominees who get through to the final stages (interviews), locally or regionally, are granted participation certificates by the General Secretariat of the Award.
  • The Candidate of Khalifa Award shall not apply to another similar award whether within the UAE or abroad at the same year of their application to the Award and consequently the same field of nomination.
  • The Candidate should not have previously attained any award in the same field or category as applied to at Khalifa Award for Education, neither  in literal or material value, and within the last two years, inclusive of the year of applying for the Award.
  • Application and nomination for one (1) session shall be in one field. It is not allowed to apply for two (2) fields or two (2) categories at the same field.
  • The General Secretariat grants certificates to all participants, whether they have made it to the final stage or not.
  • The Khalifa Award for Education’s logo must not be used by any candidate in any form of media, be it social or commercial promotions, without prior written consent from the General Secretariat.
  • Regulation of the business ownership of the awarded work shall be referenced as per number of years, copyright, use or application, within two (2) years from the date of granting the Award, otherwise the work shall become the sole property of the original owner.
  • In the unfortunate event of the death of a Candidate after his/her nomination for, acceptance of and winning the Award, his /her right to the Award stands and shall be granted to his/her legal heirs.
  • Compliance to the regulations of the Award following the announcement of the winners’ names:
  • Attachment of the individual photograph in formal wear with the full name ( first, middle and last) and the title to be used in all administrative procedures of the Award.
  • The General Secretariat of the Khalifa Award for Education shall bear the expenses – inclusive of air ticket, hotel and entry visa – of the Winner only, exclusive of any accompanying companions.
  • The actual winner/s should personally appear on the stage to receive the award. Nomination of a representative to receive the Award on behalf of the winner is not accepted.
  • Compliance to the formal wear on the stage is a must.
  • The financial value is to be transferred to all winners outside the state in Emarati Dirhams or equivalence in other currencies.
  • If the Candidate is an institution or a team, the team leader is the person authorised to receive the Award at the official ceremony.

16 Applications for nomination shall be disqualified in the following cases:

  • If it is discovered that they include incorrect information or data, or forged documents whether at the time of detection, upon winning the award or after officially declaring the winner, regardless of the time lapse after granting the award.
  • If this measure is taken upon a decision made by the Board of Trustees, including cases in which the award is withdrawn in a manner that does not contradict the right to freedom of intellectual thought, the process of cancelling the granting and withdrawing the award and its components is subject to a decision by the Board of Trustees.
  • If a winner has been announced and given the Award but, for some reason, the Award is subsequently cancelled, this cancellation shall be announced in the same media outlet as that in which the winning of the Award was announced.
  • Candidature that does not satisfy the requirements shall be disqualified.