General Instructions

  1. All applications are submitted online.
  2. The work shall be in Arabic or English Languages
  3. If the candidate is an institution or team, the team leader is the authorised person to receive the award at the official ceremony.
  4. The logo of Khalifa Educational Award may not be used in the means of media and commercial promotions and social media by the candidates, until they approach the General Secretariat for a written consent.
  5. If any educational project or program wins, the General secretariat of the Award shall have the right to circulate it to all relevant authorities in the name of the General Secretariat and the winner.
  6. The winners in Khalifa Education award at the previous rounds may apply in various fields after two years, except the field in which the won the award.
  7. The Candidate shall not apply for a similar award in or outside the U.A.E who is nominated for Khalifa Education Award in the same field in the same year.
  8. The candidate shall have not received another award in the same field of Khalifa Education Award with a similar moral and material value within two years, including the year of nomination.
  9. Application to and nomination in one round is for one field. It is not allowed to apply for two fields or two categories in one field.
  10. The ownership of the winning work shall be organized year- wise, copyright of the work, use or application, within two years from the date of granting the award, otherwise the work shall become the sole property of the owner after these two years, according to the following rules:
    1. Upon winning the award and such work was printed and published, the General Secretariat shall be furnished with a copy, before the award distribution ceremony.
    2. If the work is written, the ownership of its printing and publishing and financial proceeds, if any, shall be transferred to the General Secretariat, who shall have the same printed within two years from the date of receiving the award, otherwise such ownership shall revert to the winner, conditional on compliance with paragraph (C) herein below.
    3. If the winner insists to keep the research or print it at his/her cost, the following expression shall be written on the cover and the internal title page “This work is a winner of Khalifa Award in______ field, _______ category at ____ round in the year _____” and shall provide the General Secretariat with (100) copies.
  11. Upon the candidate death after being nominated, accepted and won the award, his right in the award remains standing and shall be granted to his/her legal heirs.
  12. In the field of educational researches, the same shall have not been prepared for acquiring a university degree, Master degree, Ph.D. degree or equivalent, or instructed by an official administration such as the universities, research centers, institutes or ministries, published before, published in a book or any magazine.
  13. The following nomination applicable shall be disqualified:
    1. If they contain incorrect data or information, falsified documentation at the time of detection, upon winning the award or after officially declaring the winner, regardless of the time lapsed after granting the award.
    2. By a decision from the Council of Trustees, the cases in which the award may be withdrawn, without contradicting with intellectual freedom rights. The award withdrawal and recovery of its components is subject to the Council decision.
    3. If after the announcement of the winner and granting the award in any field and then the award is cancelled, this shall be announced in the same means of media who announced the winner.
  14. Any candidate who fails to satisfy the requirements shall be disqualified.