Documentation required for the Electronic Nomination

  1. To electronically fill up the application and acceptance of the general and particular conditions after reading the related manuals on the Award website.
  2. The relevant requirements of each field and category which are included within the data of the form, to be filled up by the nominee, shall be attached hereto.
  3. Candidate’s new photograph of white background of size “4x6” cm “for individuals and if the applicant is a team or institution, to attach a latest photograph of white background of size “4x6” of every member of the team, provided that the number of the team members should not exceed 8 persons including the team leader.
  4. CVs of the members, and if the applicant is a team or institution, CVs of the team members should be attached.
  5. Copy of Passport and individual’s family book (for the UAE nationals), passport page and residence permit (for expatriates) and if the applicant is a team or institution, they should attach copies of passports and family books of the team members (for the UAE nationals) and passport page and residence permit (for expatriates).
  6. Copy of the recognized educational qualification duly attested by the respective country, shall be attached.
  7. Evidences, documents and degrees shall be limited to the last three years.
  8. Letters of nomination and recommendation from the institution at the nominee respective country should be attached. The letters of nomination and recommendation are pre- requisite for the acceptance of the nomination request for all fields.
  9. If the candidate for the fields of the Award is out of the scope of Education, a personal nomination shall be submitted, which is considered as a precondition for accepting the nomination request.
  10. The organization or the authority granting the letter of nomination or recommendation shall be directly responsible for the veracity and authenticity of the same, under legal liability towards the General Secretariat of Khalifa Award for Education.
  11. If the applicant is an institution, work team or the like, a letter of recommendation from the institution to which the authority belongs, shall be attached. Such letter of recommendation is a precondition for accepting the nomination request.
  12. Participation in the Award shall be in the name of the institution or the like and not in the names of members of the management or the work team.
  13. The electronic attachments and supporting documents shall be organized as follows:
    1. For each criteria there are a maximum number of attachments, where the size of each attachment shall not exceed 100 MB.
    2. In the electronic documentation the following formats shall be used: PNG, JPG, PDF, MOV, and MP4, provided that the size of each file shall not be more than 100 MB.
    3. Candidate may establish Excel/ Word files stored in PDF format then upload on the website.
    4. For security reasons, you cannot use the Power Point files or any hyperlinks.
    5. In case of a large sized video files and the applicant is unable to reduce the size, such videos may be uploaded by two ways:
    6. You Tube: The videos can be uploaded on the You Tube and install the links of each video on the link of the criteria of this video on the file. Upon the upload of the video on the You Tube, the publication condition of the same video shall be changed to (unlisted) status, and hence may not be included in the page. No one can find it on your channel. The video privacy shall be mentioned. The video may only be viewed through the link of such video.
    7. Google Drive: Upload all large sized files on the Google Drive, then provide us with the link at the link of the Criteria of such video in the file.
    8. The number of link for each criteria may not exceed two.
    9. To upload the files and attachments smoothly and avoid any problems during the files uploading, you are requested to observe the following:
      • Each file/ attachment needs time for uploading if the size of file(s) is large. Each file/ attachment shall be uploaded in each field. Then the application will be saved, to begin the uploading process. (Time spent as per the size of the file).
      • When the word “download” appears near the file/ attachments field, this means the upload is successful.
      • Then come back to press the application revision and upload the following file/ attachment.
      • The files must be uploaded through a fast internal network.