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Innovative Educational Projects and Programs

Innovative Educational Projects and Programs.

Educational projects and programs: depend on the application of new and advanced idea in the Educational Sector by an individual, group of individuals or educational institutions. Their result should have led to a specific outcomes, able to make effective and positive change in the field of education.

This field aims at honoring and highlighting the innovators among all the community members, who are distinguished by their innovations in the field of education and promote and spread the culture of innovation.

To encourage those concerned with the new media and education, to positively use the tools of the new media and social media, educate the students on the same and train them on how to utilize them, with the aim to spread positive culture of the new media, its creative instruments, social networks and virtual world.

Target Categories:

  • Individuals involved in the field of education in U.A.E and the Arab world
  • Educational institution and education related organization within the U.A.E and the Arab World.
  • Secondary and University students.

Conditions for the nomination for the innovative educational programs in the U.A.E and the Arab World.

  1. The candidate shall provide a full description of the project, its inputs, outputs, place of application, method of application and results yielded from such application.
  2. The educational project should have not been submitted to acquire a promotion or obtain a bachelor degree, master degree, Ph.D. degree or equivalent, or prepared by instructions from the employer or any other authority.
  3. As a precondition for in the field of innovative educational projects, the same should have been applied for a year or two, which is proved by an official letter, from the applying authority, stating that the project or program contributed or could contribute to adding new value and developing the educational process.
  4. Students may apply individually or in a group of students ranging between 3 to 5 students.

Target Categories:

  • Seriousness & Innovation
  • Objectives and outputs
  • Methodology and planning
  • Business continuity and sustainability
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Application and results
  • Assessment and follow up.

Award Value: Please See Appendix (1):