Fields Information

Educational Authoring for children

Educational Authoring for children.

This aims to enrich the educational authoring for children to spread the culture of child education and protection to large segment of teachers, educators and specialist in pedagogy, psychology, counseling, etc.., thus the educational authoring for children becomes an education, culture and literature, with a priority in the educational and social system.

Target Categories:

  • Individuals: Workers in the field of education
  • Institutions: Working in and related to the field of education

Nomination fields of authoring in children educational literature:

  1. Stories, and novels
  2. Educational and musical plays
  3. Books of games and hobbies
  4. Children collections of poem
  5. Education programs for children, prepared in an innovative way.

Conditions for nomination in the field of children Educational Authority (Creative work Category):

  1. The Candidate work is made in Arabic Language
  2. The creative work has not been submitted for a promotion to a job grade, academic degree, such as,, Ph.D. degrees or equivalent, or prepared by instruction from his/her employer or any other authority.
  3. The nomination of a work manuscript is acceptable, regardless of the year of authoring, provided that it has not been printed before.
  4. If the candidate work is printed, the printing date should not exceed two years from the nomination date.
  5. The size of the creative work, be it a story or a play, shall not be less than 100 normal size pages, including the pictures. The pictures should be innovative or the candidate has already obtained a written permission for use from the original owner.

Conditions for nomination in the field of children Educational Authority (Creative work Category):

  • To take into account the characteristics of the different stages of childhood, the needs of each stage, in order to contribute to the social, mental and emotional child’s growth and also take into account the child’s environment and surroundings, as well as the writer’s ability to define this environment.
  • The work contribution to the achievement of sustainable and comprehensive development of childhood.
  • The availability of values in it, by being restricted to the educational objectives for building the child’s personality.
  • The plot coherence, unity and being attractive and interesting.
  • The characters belong to reality, the daily life and are clear.
  • The place
  • The time
  • The work drawings and pictures reflect the child’s age and interests and the child’s ability to benefit from them. To develop the child’s imagination behavior, movements, aesthetic sense and artistic taste.
  • The technique shall concur with the child’s level and extend of development of his/her psychological and linguistic aspects.
  • The classical, easy Arabic language shall be adopted, to enrich the child’s language, by providing him/ her with a selected range of new words and expressions.
  • Provides the information, advice and lesson in a direct manner, away from the direct preaching style.
  • The creative work shall express a viewpoint, that develop in the child the sense of patriotism and nation and religion and make him/her aware of the human and civilizational values of their Arab and Islamic notions.
  • Attractive cover, shape, design and colour of the book and its beautiful design of the inside pages, binding, size, paper and printing.

Award Value: Please See Appendix (1):