Fields Information

Educational Research

The educational researches are fundamental to the enhancement of the field of education and a critical requirement for the development of education and realization of outcomes, as well as the development of the abilities and skills of the staff. This field comprises three categories:

  1. General Educational Researches
  2. Applied Procedural Educational Researches
  3. Children Literature Related Researches

First: General Educational Researches and analysis

A Systematic process for the collection and analysis of data and information to develop the components of the educational process. So, it is an organized and oriented effort with the aim to get answers or solutions for the issues or problems, which the individuals or organizations face in the field of education.

Second: Applied Procedural Educational Researches

The researches concerned with the study and dealing with a certain phenomena or problem in the field of education, to understand such phenomena or problem and their causes and to apply suitable strategies for their remedy. They lead to special and functional movement in the education and learning process. Their outcome shall have been applied to the field of education for a period of time allowing the assessment of the results.

Third: Children literature studies related Researches:

The special researches which are closely related to the children literature and their local, Arab and international social peripherals. They include teaching and remedial programs for the children categories (Such as people with special needs, talented, people with behavioral disorder, educational programs targeting the parents and teachers to prepare them on how to deal with the children).

Target Categories

Individuals category: Employees of any educational institution, be it general, private, technical, professional, such as teachers, university professors and educational experts.

Institutions and Centers Category: Engaged in the field of education, research and profession.

Conditions for nomination in the field of Educational Researches in U.A.Eand the Arab World.

  1. The candidate shall provide an electronic copy of the research in a “Word” form and a brief copy (research summary) of the research.
  2. The research shall be in Arabic (new), whether the research is printed, authored and printed in the Award nomination year or just before it.
  3. The number of pages should not be less than (50) in the category of general educational researches, educational procedural and children studies and not more than 200 pages and not more than 150 pages for the children literature studies.
  4. The educational research in its three categories should have not been submitted for a job promotion, or an academic degree such as the B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. or equivalent. It has not been conducted by the candidate’s employer or any other authority, nor accepted for publication or actually published in one of the magazines.
  5. As a precondition for accepting the nomination for the educational procedural research, it should have been applied and proved by an official letter from the applying party, stating that such research helped or could help in adding value to or develop the educational process.

Comparison and Excellence Criteria (General Educational Research Category):

  1. Clear idea of the Research and Objectives.
  2. Research Methodology
  3. Research Outcomes

Comparison and Excellence Criteria (General Educational Research Category):

  1. Procedural Research Motives.
  2. Steps of the Procedural Research
  3. Research Methodology
  4. Research Results Achieved by Application

Comparison and Excellence Criteria: (Children Literature Study Researches Category):

  1. Researcher’s Standards.
  2. Research Methodology
  3. Research Introduction Standards
  4. Research Content and Concept
  5. Method of the Subject Presentation.
  6. Research Conclusion.

Award Value: Please See Appendix (1):