Fields Information

Higher Education

University Professor: All educators working in the teaching profession, in the public or private higher educational institutions, recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education in the United Arab Emirates or the Ministry of Education from which the nominate applies for the award.

The award is dedicated to university professors, who teach courses and does not include administrators, whose performance is limited to administrative work, whatever the type of work is.

Target Categories:

  • Distinguished University Professor in the Field of Teaching.
  • Distinguished University Professor in the Field of Scientific Research.

Distinguished University Professor in the field of specific conditions of nomination for the (University Professor) Category:

  1. The teacher should have spent five (5) years or more in the field of teaching at a University and/ or Higher Education level in the U.A.E or Arab World and still teaching at the time of applying to the award.
  2. The candidate must have obtained three technical reports officially issued by the University administration and the grade for the last three years should be “Excellent”.
  3. The Professor shall be distinct in his work compared to peers in the same profession in U.A.E or any state in the Arab World, proved by the result of applying a set of academic instruments, based on clear specific criteria and specific performance indicators.

Comparison and excellence standards (University Professor Category):

  • Teaching
  • Scientific Research
  • University and Community Service
  • Education and Sustainable Environment.

Award Value: Please See Appendix (1):