General Instructions


  • 1. Submission of application which should contain:
    A. Nomination form and undertaking related to the field.
    B. Candidate’s new photograph of white background of size “4x6” cm” for individuals and if the applicant is a team or institution to attach a latest photograph of white background of size “4x6cm” of every member of the team, provided that the number of the team members should not exceed 8 persons including team leader .
    C. CVs of the members, and if the applicant is a team or institution, should attach CVs of the team members. D. copy of passport and individual family book (for the UAE nationals), passport page and residence permit for (for expatriates) and if the applicant is a team or institution, they should attach copies of passports and family books of the team members (for the UAE nationals) and passport page and residence permit for (for expatriates) .
    E. copy of identity card approved for the government transactions for the applicants from within or outside of UAE .
    F. A copy of family book for the applicants from out of the UAE.

  • 2. Submit a nomination in Arabic or English

  • 3. In the event that the candidate is an institution or team, the name of team leader or deputy shall be specified by the administrative authority authorized to deal with him and receive the Award in case of winning during the Award ceremony

  • 4. Nominations that do not meet nomination requirements shall be overlooked

  • 5. All submitted documents and attached documents should not be returned back to the applicants to the Award at the national level and the Arab world, and considered owned by the Award

  • 6. The decisions of the Arbitration and Evaluation Committee shall be deemed final

  • 7. General Secretariat of the Award does not provide certificates of participation to applicants and candidates in the fields of the current Award stages (interviews) within the UAE and the Arab World

  • 8. Khalifa Educational Award Logo should not be used in the means of media, commercial promotion and social media by the candidates until a written approval is obtained from the General Secretariat of the Award

  • 9. Upon the success of any project or educational program the General Secretariat of the Award shall have the right to disseminate the same to the educational fields at the ministries, educational councils, educational zones, universities, institutes, colleges, educational centres and schools at the state in the name of the General Secretariat of the Award and the owner of the successful project

  • 10. The winners of Khalifa Educational Award at the previous Award events shall have the right to apply to the Award in different fields other than the one which they already successfully attained.

  • 11. The candidate shall not apply for a similar Award in or outside the state in the same year in which he/she has been nominated for Khalifa Educational Award in the same field

  • 12. The cabinet shall have not won another Award in the same field to which he/she is applying for Khalifa Award similar in the literal and financial value within 2 years including the year of nomination

  • 13. Application and nomination in one round should be for one field only and it is not allowed to apply for two fields at the same round or two categories in one field

  • 14. The individual or institution may participate in the Award on annual basis by a new or developed research or project. However, upon winning the Award he/she shall have no right to reapply for the same

  • 15. The ownership of the successful work at the Award be it a book, research, project, program, child, educational, creativity shall be organized in terms of the number of years, copyright, use an application within two years from the date of granting the Award. Upon failure to do this such work shall be the sole property of the owner after these 2 years according to the following fundamentals:
    A. If the work wins the Award and it has been printed or published, the General Secretariat before the honouring ceremony and the distribution of the Award should be provided with 100 copies thereof.
    B. If the work is in the form of manuscript the ownership of its printing, publishing and financial proceeds if any shall be transferred to the General Secretariat, provided that the general Secretariat shall have the same printed within 2 years from the date of winning the Award otherwise the ownership shall revert to the winner conditional on compliance with the following paragraph (c).
    C. If the winner insist to keep his/her research and have it printed at own cost the following expression should be written on the folder along with the internal address page “This has won Khalifa Educational Award in the field of __________, Category __________, Round __________, Year __________ and provide the General Secretariat of 100 copies thereof.

  • 16. Upon the demise of the candidate after his/her nomination, acceptance and winning the Award his/her right shall remain standing therein and granted to the legal heirs

  • 17. In the field of educational researches the same shall not have been prepared for the attainment of a university degree, master degree or PhD degree or any equivalent academic certificates

  • 18. The General Secretariat has the right to ask the accepted candidates for samples of their accomplishments and publications (referred to by the candidates in the applications), whether it be books, projects, programs, or innovations, abstaining from this may cause the cancellation of the nomination, if deemed appropriate by the Committee

  • 19. The applications for candidatures shall be cancelled:
    A. If it includes incorrect information or data, or falsified documents shall be ignored upon discovering that, even in the event of winning the Award, or after the official announcement of the winners, and no matter how long after granting the Award.
    B. A decision of the Board of Trustees shall determine the cases in which the Award shall be taken back, in a manner consistent with the rights of intellectual freedom. The cancellation of the winning and the recovery of the Award, and its components, shall be subject to the decision of the Board of Trustees.
    C. If the winning of Award was announce and Award was given in any field and then the winning was cancelled, this will be announced in the same media in which the winning was announced.

  • 20. In the various field of Awards will be given at the Arab World level only (outside of the UAE) single ticket and residence to him personally

  • 21. The following specifications should be complied in case of submitting through electronic:
    A. Evidence and documents shall be limited to the last three years
    B. The most common software shall be used in the electronic documentation and the name of files.
    C. Evidence and attachments should be organized in order, as per the criteria for each field

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