Special Needs

People of special needs :

Any person suffers a deficiency total or partial disorder continuously or temporarily in his/her physical, sensual, mental, communicative educational or psychological abilities to the extent that it reduces the possibility to satisfy his/her normal needs and at the same circumstances of the healthy counterparts.


Target groups :

Individuals:  Any individuals provided care and support to people with special needs in order to develop their abilities in the best possible manner within their own potentials to become active members of the community. Such individuals can be classified as follows: Special education teacher, specialized teacher, specialist (psychological, social, speech and language, functional treatment, physiotherapy, optical and hearing).

The Center/ Institutions:  It is (government, semi-government or private) place specialized in providing care, educational services for people with special needs.


Conditions for nomination of individuals in the category of special needs field :

Fill-up the form of the candidate after reading all the general instructions in page (14).

The applicant shall have spent 3 years and more in working with people with special needs and still holding job at the time of applying for the Award.

He/she must have made special and excellent achievement in the field of his/her work compared to counterparts within the state.

Official letter of recommendation from the organization of the applicant should be attached. The letters of recommendation is pre-condition for the acceptance of nomination in all fields.

Attach two reports of honors in last three years based on an assessment of of workplace and sealed and verified with official seal.

The candidate should be compliant with the professional ethics.


Special conditions for nomination  for the fields of special needs (Centers and Institutions Category) :

Fill-up the form of the center or institutions particulars after reading the general instructions in page (14).

An introduction of the history, activities and achievements of the institution in Arabic and English languages.

A letter of recommendations from the institution or the authority directly in-charge of the center which letter of recommendation is pre-condition for accepting the nomination request.

Certificate of no administrative violations (for the private centers) nominated for the Award by the direct authority in-charge of the center for the last 3 years including the year in which the application for the Award is submitted.

Valid Copy of the trade license from the Municipality or the Ministry of  Planning and Chamber of Commerce for the centers.

The institution shall have completed at least 3 years.

The institutions shall have contributions to the field of special needs of all categories from which the local community benefit


Standard of Differentiation and Excellence for (Individuals in the field of special needs Category) :


Professional performance.

Means and techniques.

Students care

Professional development and transfer of knowledge.

Communicating with parents and local community.

Outcomes and achievements.


Standard of Differentiation and Excellence for (Centers and Institutions in he field of Special Needs Category) :


Administrative organization.

Means and techniques of assessment.

Human resources and financial management.

Development and care for the students with special needs.

Education strategies and learning environment

Relationship with the local community.


Value of the Award :

See Appendix (1).

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