Education and Community Service

Based on the insightful slogan “Education is Everyone’s Responsibility” and the fact that community service programs and projects are part of the main characteristics of successful educational systems, the Award has given special importance to the field of “Education and Community Service”.

The Education and Community Service Award shall be granted to the school, institution, center or relevant institution that develops successful community service-related programs and projects. These programs must be validated by detailed qualitative data, based on evidence of international standards and specific to performance indicators.

The Award for this field is dedicated to local educational events that integrate the educational process with their local community.

Target Categories :

Schools, institutions and government and private technical and vocational centers.

Educational institutions. (University, college, central educational department with multiple offices)

Government and private institutions supporting education through educational programs and projects provided to their employees.

Relevant institutions.


Conditions for nomination in the category of (Education and Community Service):

Fill out the Institution’s Personal Information Form after reviewing the General Instructions Page (14) .

Summary about the history of the institution and its activities and achievements in both Arabic and English.

Attach “Recommendation» from the body or the authority directly responsible for the institution. The recommendation is a condition for accepting the candidacy application

A letter for the absence of administrative irregularities for the private institution nominated for the Award, issued by the agency directly responsible for the institution for the last three years, including the year in which it is applying for the Award

A valid copy of the institution’s trade license issued by the municipality or the Ministry of Planning and the Chamber of Commerce

The program and project should have been applied for a sufficient period, not less than one or two academic year, for its results to be clear.

The participation of more than one entity in the project or program submitted is not allowed. The project or program shall represent only one entity (a school - an educational institution –a university –a college – an institute –a central educational department/zone).

An official letterhead the work, project or program should not be from the core of community institutional work of any entity.


Criteria and standards of excellence to be used to judge the (Education and Community Service Category)  :


The concept design of the program or project.

Planning for the program or project.

The good use of the available resources to achieve the program or project’s objectives.

Evaluation of the program or project and its outcome.


Award Value :

See Appendix (1).

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