New Media and Education within the UAE and the Arab World

The Award aims to achieve a positive use of new media tools, and educate and train students to use them. The interest of the Award in this field stems from the spread of new media with creative tools, and the social networks with their cyber worlds that pose new challenges to be dealt with, benefitting from their capabilities. Thus, it becomes essential to take advantage of this revolution of information, directing it towards what is useful for the educational field, enhancing its values, ideas and positive trends, in order to link the new media with education and bridge the gap existing between the two fields.


Definition of new media : The set of new channels and tools (media), produced by modern means of communication, such as: Facebook, Twitter, and the services provided by Google Plus, YouTube, blogs, download sites, and online education, and other tools, facilitating the dissemination of information and exchange of knowledge, and positive interaction between all the society spectrum.


The New Media and Education Award is being granted to individuals or institutions that provide a model, an ongoing activity, or a service that utilizes the new media tools in the service of education as evidenced by the results of applying a set of scientific instruments based on clear scientific criteria and specific performance indicators. It is also granted to projects that add to the virtual network an exceptional educational content in Arabic through various applications, research and studies. (A local Award).


Target Categories :

Individuals: (Educators, media representatives, university students, researchers).

Institutions: (Educational institutions, media, field-related research centers).


Conditions for nomination in the field of New Media and Education :


Fill out the Candidate’s Personal Information Form after reviewing the General Instructions Page (14) .

Summary about the history of the institution and its activities and achievements in both Arabic and English.

Attach a formal letter of recommendation to the nomination from the institution the applicant belongs to. The nomination letters and recommendation shall be considered a condition to accept the candidacy application in all fields.

A letter for the absence of administrative irregularities for the private institution nominated for the Award, issued by the agency directly responsible for the institution for the last three years, including the year in which it is applying for the Award

A valid copy of the institution’s trade license issued by the municipality or the Ministry of Planning and the Chamber of Commerce

The project should use effectively at least four different tools of the new media tools and be measurable in the classroom, school or in the scientific field.

The results of the project shall be clear, demonstrated and proved by attached evidence.

Demonstrate and submit evidence that shows the impact of the project on positive communication among the target groups, or provoke useful discussions and meaningful scientific debates among related milieus.

Project should be at the heart of the new media field (as stated in the introduction), keeping away from the media work in its general sense (media center, press coverage or visits, etc.)

The project, activity or media campaign should not be repeated.

The project or activity should have been applied for a sufficient period, not less than two years, for its results to be clear.

The participation of more than one entity in the project or program submitted is not allowed. The project or program shall represent only one entity.


Criteria for the differentiation and excellence for the field of

(New Media and Education):

Possibility of involving students in the implementation of the project and interact with them.

This project having a clear positive impact on improving the educational process, whether on scientific material directly, or through positive interaction between target groups (individuals, institutions)

The extent to which the projects used the international, Arab World and local academic institutions

Concept design of the program or project.

Planning for the program or project.

Good use of available resources to achieve the desired goals of the program or project.

Assessment of the project, its programme or outcomes.


Value of the Award :

See Appendix (1).

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