Educational Research within the UAE and the Arab World


University Professor: All educators working in the teaching profession, whether in the public or private higher educational institutions, duly recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education in the United Arab Emirates, or the UAE Ministry of Higher Education from which the nominee applies for the Award. There are four Awards within this category: two for local nominees and two for their Arab counterparts.

This Award is dedicated to university professors who teach courses, and does not include administrators whose performance is limited to administrative work, whatever the type of work is.


Target Categories :

Distinguished University Professor in the Field of Teaching.

Distinguished University Professor in the Field of Scientific Research.


Conditions of nomination for the Category of (University Professor) :

Fill out the Candidate’s Personal Information Form after reviewing the General Instructions Page (14) .

The university professor may apply for one of the two categories (Teaching or Scientific Research) and not both.

The teacher should have spent five (5) years or more in the field of teaching at university and/or higher education level in the UAE or Arab World and is still teaching at the time of applying to the Award.

Attach a formal written letter of nomination from the institution the applicant belongs to. The nomination letters along with the recommendations are a condition to accept the candidacy application in all fields.

The candidate must have obtained three technical official reports issued officially by the university administration and the degree “Excellent” at least once during the last five years of his work, and provide an official letter from the university administration that he has been distinguished in his work during the last three years.

Nominations of directors of universities and deans shall not be accepted even those teaching courses because their administrative work is predominant.

The professor shall be distinct in his work compared to peers in the same profession, at the UAE level, or at the level of any state in the Arab world.

An official letter from the candidate’s direct manager stating he taught educational courses, no matter what the number of courses is, shall be attached.


Criteria and standards of excellence to be used to judge the (University Professor category) :


Scientific Research.

Serving the university and the community service.


Award Value :

See Appendix (1).

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