Educational Innovation

Innovation in education is the application of new or significantly improved ideas that lead to an effective and positive change in the educational field.
It is an individual field which focuses on recognizing and highlighting innovative members of society who distinguished themselves for their innovations in the educational field. It also promotes the United Arab Emirates vision to build and spread the culture of innovation.

Targeted Groups :
Work Team (not to exceed five individuals) from the local community within the UAE.

Objectives of the Field :
Contribute to instilling a culture of innovation among individuals in the community and in the educational domain.
Encourage and motivate individuals in the community on innovation in order to serve the educational field inside the state.
Dissemination of the winning innovations to serve the educational process.

Field Categories :
Innovations that have been implemented including those innovations submitted by:
Students’ Category (Secondary education, as well as university education)
Community members’ Category (Non-students)
Work Team Category.

Conditions for nomination in the field of Educational Innovation :
Fill out the Candidate’s Personal Information Form after reviewing the General Instructions Page ( 14) .
Recommendation of the innovation from the institution that it was applied in, or the authority directly responsible for nominee student or employee.
The educational innovation has to be a personal or collective effort immovable or adapted from the works of others, and it has not been done as part of the tasks required in the organization that the applicant(s) belongs to.
In order to accept a nomination, the educational innovation should have been applied in the educational field within the country, and that an official letter is issued and sealed by the applying organization, referring to this application.
This innovation has been applied since no more than 3 years, including a year to apply.
Along with the nomination form, applicant should provide a full description of innovation which include: inputs, outputs, place of application, method of application, and the achieved results from this application and others.
The candidate undertakes to submit a presentation of the innovation before the judging committee and whoever it deems appropriate to attend this presentation, if required.

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