Educational Authoring for Children within the UAE and the Arab World

This aims to enrich the educational authoring for children in order to disseminate the culture of education and child protection to a large segment of competent teachers, educators and specialists in pedagogy, psychology, counseling, etc., and thus educational authoring for children becomes a sort of education, culture and literature, with priority in the Arab educational and social policy.


Target Groups :

Individuals: workers in the field of education.

Institutions working in and related to the field of education.


Fields of Authoring in child educational literature:

  • Field of creativity :

Stories, novels and plays.

Books of topics or information literature.

Books of games and hobbies.

Children collections of poems.

Education programs for children and stomach in an innovative way .


  • Child literature studies :

Researches closely linked to issues of child literature and his local, Arab and international social environment.

Studies and experimental research that includes educational programs or therapeutic for special needs category. And behavioral problems and educational programs prepared for parents or teacher to prepare them in dealing with child program

Conditions for nomination in the field of (Educational Authoring for children within UAE and the Arab world) :

Fill out the Candidate’s Personal Information Form after reviewing the General Instructions Page (14) .

Attach a formal letter of no objection for the nomination from the institution the applicant belongs to. The nomination letters and recommendation shall be considered a condition to accept the candidacy application in all fields

A letter for the absence of administrative irregularities for the private institution nominated for the Award, issued by the agency directly responsible for the institution for the last three years, including the year in which it is applying for the Award

A valid copy of the institution’s trade license issued by the municipality or the Ministry of Planning and the Chamber of Commerce

The author shall be distinguished in the field of research and writing, and must have issued other special books to children in his name.

Nominated work should be authored in Arabic.

The applicant shall be committed to apply adopted authoring scientific methods in his work.

Nominated work should be free from any abusive language, or material that may impact the psyche and behavior of the target audience.

The book should not have been authored for the purpose of obtaining an academic degree; a bachelor degree, Master’s or a PhD.

Nomination of the authored work shall be accepted regardless of its authoring year, provided it has not been printed before.

If the candidate’s work is printed, the printing date should not exceed two years from the nomination date.


Volume of literary work:

Creative work: The minimum size of the creative work for children, whether it is a story or a play, should be 100 pages, including illustrations, without a limited number of words in the single line or the number of lines per page, taking into account the size and number of paragraphs and words of the targeted group.

The illustrations shall be innovative; otherwise, the author shall hold a written permission from the original owner to use it in his work.

Study and research: The minimum number of pages in the nominated book should be 150 pages of normal size and the minimum number of lines per page should be 20 lines, with the minimum number of 12 words in each single line.


Criteria for the differentiation and excellence for the field of Educational Authoring for children within UAE and the Arab world :

To take into account the characteristics of the different stages of childhood and the needs of each stage, in order to contribute to the social, mental and emotional child’s growth in addition to taking into account the environment of the child and its surroundings, and the writer’s ability to define this environment.

The availability of values in it, by being restricted by the educational goals that seek to build a child’s personality.

The coherence of the plot, its unity and being attractive and interesting.

The characters shall belong to the reality, the daily life and be clear

The Place

The Time

The appropriateness of the work’s drawings and picture to the child’s age and interests and the child’s ability to benefit from them and develop his imagination, his behavior and his movements. The development of aesthetic sense and artistic taste of the child

Technique: to concur with the level of the child and the degree of his psychological and linguistic aspects development

The commitment of the work to the classical easy Arabic Language, enriching the language of the child by providing a range of integrated selected words and new words

Provides information, advice, a lesson and experience in an indirect manner away from the direct preaching style

The extent to which a literary work expresses the perspective that develops the child’s pride of the homeland, the nation and religion, and introduce him to the human and civilization values of the Arab and Islamic nation

How attractive are the cover of the book, its shape, design and colors and the beauty of designs of the inside pages and its binding, size, paper and printing


Criteria for the differentiation and excellence for Child Literature Studies in the field of Educational Authoring for children :

Researcher’s related criteria.

Criteria for the introduction of the book.

Content of the book.

Method of presenting the scientific material.

Epilogue of the book.

Book’s production.


Value of the Award :

See Appendix (1).

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