Creativity In Teaching Arabic within the UAE and the Arab World

This field aims at rewarding and motivating Arabic teaching professionals in all branches and levels of General education in the UAE, and at the university level within the UAE and the Arab World at large. It also aims to develop distinguished Arabic teaching cadres at these two levels (the UAE and Arab World).


Target Categories :

Teachers of Arabic in the government and private schools in the UAE, whether Arabic or foreign schools.

Teachers of Arabic in public and private universities and academic institutions that include the teaching of Arabic as a discipline, in the UAE and the Arab World.


Target groups :

The creative teacher in teaching Arabic in the UAE.

Creative University Professor in teaching Arabic in the UAE.

Creative University Professor in teaching Arabic in the Arab World.

Terms and conditions of submissions :

Fill out the Candidate’s Personal Information Form after reviewing the General Instructions Page (14) .

Attach a formal written letter of nomination from the institution the applicant belongs to. The nomination letters along with the recommendations are a condition to accept the candidacy application in all fields.

The candidate should be a graduate of an Arabic Language department or faculty in

a university or academic institution that is accredited and acknowledged in the UAE or the

Arab World.

The candidate should have spent 3 years of work as a teacher in General education or as a university professor in the higher education.

The candidate should have spent at least two years of teaching Arabic.

The highest estimate technical report for the last three years is calculated based on the assessment of the central authority of the work the candidate belongs to. It should be sealed and certified formally.

The candidate should be working in the field of teaching Arabic at the time of submission.

Candidates from the General education should be working in teaching Arabic (from the beginning of the Cycle 2 to grade twelve).

The submissions of university professors can only be accepted if their universities have an Arabic language department or college.

The university teacher should be a member of the faculty of Arabic language department or college and not any other college.

Higher education candidates should attach with their submission a proof that their university or academic institution does have an Arabic language department/college and that they work in this department/college.

Within the assessment phase, and if the jury deems fit, the candidate should undergo a special interview to check his/her capabilities and faculties in grammar, rhetoric and literature, as part of the assessment process.


Comparison criteria for creativity in teaching Arabic (Teacher Category) :


Teaching competencies

Assessment and academic attainment

Studies and research

Professional growth

Personal and community initiatives

Students› and parents› feedback

Moral commitment

Comparison criteria for creativity in teaching Arabic (University teacher Category) :

Teaching Arabic language and literature

Scientific research

Service for the university and community


Award value :

See Appendix (1).

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